Scientific Studies About Treadmill Desks

  • Treadmill desks offer a feasible and effective intervention to increase energy expenditure and metabolic rate and reduce sitting time while performing work-related tasks.

    Oye-Somefun, Akinkunle, et al. "A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effect of treadmill desks on energy expenditure, sitting time and cardiometabolic health in adults."BMC public health21.1 (2021): 1-8.

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  • Walking while working with the use of a treadmill desk has a beneficial delayed effect on attention and memory.

    Labonté-LeMoyne, Élise, et al. "The delayed effect of treadmill desk usage on recall and attention."Computers in Human Behavior46 (2015): 1-5.APA

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  • Cognitive tasks, including executive control processes, are not impaired by walking on an active workstation.

    Alderman, Brandon L., Ryan L. Olson, and Diana M. Mattina. "Cognitive function during low-intensity walking: A test of the treadmill workstation."Journal of physical activity and health11.4 (2014): 752-758.APA

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  • Accuracy of typing does not differ between sitting and walking.

    Thompson, Warren G., and James A. Levine. "Productivity of transcriptionists using a treadmill desk."Work40.4 (2011): 473-477.APA

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  • Typing performance while walking at 2.25 km/hr. is not different than seated typing performance.n

    Funk, Rachel E., et al. "Effect of walking speed on typing performance using an active workstation."Perceptual and motor skills115.1 (2012): 309-318.APA

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