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MTD700R WANDERLUST (Treadmill with integrated desk)

MTD700R WANDERLUST (Treadmill with integrated desk)

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Walkolution®'s multi-award winning and ultra-quiet manual treadmill with the iconic integrated desk and standing aid. 

Customize your Wanderlust: The sliding integrated standing desk is available in two widths and four different heights. 

Protected by international patents.

Handmade by Walkolution in Germany. Exclusively distributed in the US by Woodway USA, Inc.

Includes a signed copy of Death by Sitting. Why We Need A Movement Revolution.

Detailed description

Compact and quiet treadmill workstation with integrated desk and standing aid. Requires no electricity. Multiple award-winning. The desk is available in two sizes and four heights.

The treadmill

- The world's first silent treadmill (less than 35 dB)
- Maintenance free with lifetime warranty
- Multiple award winning design
- Works without electricity
- High quality and sustainable materials
- Loadable up to 160 kg
- Usable with shoes or while barefoot
- Internationally patented

The advantages

- For concentrated, creative, and efficient work.
- Understood intuitively in minutes by any age group.
- Suitable for home offices, businesses, libraries, coworking spaces, etc.
- The speed of walking is determined step by step by the user.
- The treadmill adapts without time delay.

Integrated desk

- Adjustable depth: it can be pulled towards you or pushed away.
- Remains stable at all times.
- Available in two sizes and four heights.
- The small top (77 cm wide) offers enough space for laptop and monitor and fits through 80 cm wide doors.
- Made of certified beechwood, like the side panels of the treadmill.
- Workout - Desktop can be removed in seconds, no tools required.
- The desk base then serves as a handrail for safety.


- Four wheels make the treadmill mobile.
- Easy to reposition.
- The wheels are lockable.
- Suitable for stone and parquet floors.
- Foot set consisting of 4 feet included.
- The treadmill fits through most doors and in most elevators.

Production of the treadmill

- Handmade in Walkolution's own high-tech factory in southern Germany.
- Only sustainable materials are used.
- Side panels are milled from solid sustainable beechwood blocks.
- Running surface made of springy birchwood slats.
- Coating is scratch-resistant, wipeable, and soft.
- Slats slide on industrial grade ball bearings.
- Extremely strong steel frame inside for safe operation and ultimate durability.


Certified to the specifications for fitness equipment open to the public (Class S (Studio) in accordance with the European Union's product safety specifications for treadmills and DIN EN ISO 20957.

Measures & Weight

Length 140 cm
width 64 cm
Height 27 cm
(see also size table)

Treadmill 85 kg (+ stand-up bar: 5.8 kg)
front bar 5 kg
Desk attachment 20 kg

Permissible user weight
160 kg

Lifetime Warranty

All Walkolution products come with a lifetime warranty.

Downloads (3D Files, Spec-Sheet, Assembly Manual)

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 Walkolution USA

Transform your workday with a treadmill desk

Whether it's writing, reading, or attending meetings, activities traditionally done from an office chair can now be performed while walking. Moreover, studies indicate that movement enhances productivity.

The MTD700R Wanderlust from Walkolution® offers all these advantages in a compact, mobile setup. Its superior design ensures seamless integration into any setting, allowing you to reap the benefits elegantly.

 Walkolution USA

An exceptionally quiet, manual treadmill that operates without electricity

The Walkolution treadmill operates entirely mechanically, using slats that glide smoothly over high-quality ball bearings. Its benefits include whisper-quiet operation and the freedom to stroll, walk, or stop intuitively and naturally at your own pace, step by step—a stark contrast to conventional electric treadmills.

Moreover, this treadmill requires no electricity, eliminating concerns about electromagnetic radiation.

 Walkolution USA

Sophisticated wooden design combined with numerous technical benefits.

The wood we meticulously handcraft possesses excellent sound-absorbing properties, contributing significantly to the quiet operation of Walkolution treadmills. Sourced from FSC-certified forests in Germany, the wood is utilized not just for its aesthetic appeal but also to enhance your walking comfort. The base of the walking surface's slats is made from a special, 100% unbreakable wood that offers a gentle springiness.

  •  Walkolution USA

    Renowned companies globally choose our treadmills, recognizing the importance of their employees' health and productivity. Our treadmills' high quality fulfills the stringent requirements of these discerning customers.

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    The Walkolution Manual Treadmill Desk comes in various models to perfectly match your preferences. Explore the options to find the ideal version for you, choosing from different desk configurations and selecting between a wooden walking surface or an extra joint-friendly Kybun foam surface.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
James P.
Perfect in every way

I live in New York (USA). From the date of shipping, the Walkolution took 4 weeks to arrive at my home. The shipping container was truly amazing: a big wooden box, sealed with many long screws to keep the contents safe and damage-free. Wonderful!

I purchased the Walkolution Wanderlust with the largest desk attachment. Assembly was quick and easy. My impressions: solidly built, beautiful design, top-notch engineering, flawless performance!

For myself, 70+ years old, this is the perfect treadmill! The backrest and integrated desk offer maximum safety for me. Why? Any senior-related balance issues are completely resolved: you are protected by the desk in front and the backrest in back. So I will never have to worry about falling backwards, forwards, or sideways. This is so very important!

Walking on this treadmill is wonderful! A safe, great workout. Pausing and safely leaning back on the backrest from time to time during the workout is not possible on any other treadmill. So the very first workout of 20 minutes with 2 or 3 pauses was really great as I got used to the motion of walking, while watching TV. To be quite frank, I love walking on this device!

Advantages: A small footprint compared to larger treadmills, NO SOUND during operation, maintenance free, lifetime guarantee, beautiful looking piece of furniture, incredibly strong and sturdy. WOW!

Can you tell that I am delighted? On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, I rate the Walkolution a 10.

Thank you!

Dear James,

Thank you so much for your kind words about our Walkolution Wanderlust! We're thrilled to hear that you love it as much as we do. It was truly designed with safety in mind, and we're glad that it's meeting your needs perfectly. Thank you for choosing Walkolution and for sharing your experience with us. We hope you'll enjoy using it for many years to come!

Stay healthy and keep up the good work!
Eric Söhngen, Founder and CEO

Torsten O.
1 Million Schritte ...

... seit August. Und die wäre ich alle nicht gegangen ohne dieses phantastische Produkt. Angefangen von der Beratung vor der Bestellung über die zuverlässige Lieferung bis hin zum wirklich einfachen Aufbau: einfach stark!
Nun nehme ich die nächste Million in Angriff auf meinem superleisen Laufband mit höhenverstellbaren Füßen - Dank an das Team von walkolution für diese Verbesserung in meinem Arbeitsleben! Immer eine Empfehlung wert!

Moritz v.K.
Pure Begeisterung!

Seit 2 Wochen nutze ich nun schon das Walkolution Laufband. Mittlerweile ist es ein integraler Bestandteil meines Alltags geworden, den ich mir nicht wegdenken könnte und möchte. Ich bin absolut begeistert von dem Konzept und der umgesetzten Qualität.
Als etwas störend empfinde ich die Stabilität des integrierten Tisches, die sich durch Schwanken der Aufbauten (siehe Foto) äußert. Dies habe ich mir jedoch selbst zuzuschreiben, ohne die aufwendigen Aufbauten fällt ein Schwanken nicht auf! Retrospektiv hätte ich mich wohl für das "ÄRA" Modell entscheiden sollen. Was jedoch meine Begeisterung in keiner Weise beeinträchtigt.

Burghilde R.
nice product

I only have the walkolution for 2 days, but it's a very nice product. I already walk on it while reading an looking television. I need some training to walk and write on my pc, but it will come. I was very supprime that for every walkolution that's sold, there are trees planted in a forest in Tanzania. So it's not only good to become a more healthy person, but it also helps nature to recover.

Dominik B.

Ich bin begeistert. Die Qualität ist hervorragend. Ein kleiner Tipp: eine Bluetooth-Verbindung um Laufgeschwindigkeit und -Dauer zu dokumentieren wäre ein hervorragendes Add-on.