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    Emmy Winner Emilia Clarke to Feature Walkolution in Upcoming Hollywood Movie

    We're thrilled to announce that a Walkolution  treadmill desk will be prominently featured in an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster, starring none other than the talented Emilia Clarke!

The Original Treadmill Desk

Thousands of fans around the world love Walkolution's legendary treadmill desk. It is motorless, whisper-silent, and award-winning with various desk and backrest options. Crafted from solid beech wood with shock-absorbing slats for the best in natural walking comfort, it has been sustainably designed and handcrafted in Germany. Protected by international patents.

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The Exclusive Walkolution Kybun Edition

Walkolution's forest floor treadmill is the world's first and only, offering barefoot comfort with a soft, elastic and springy surface. It is exclusively equipped with Kybun® Switzerland's signature structured surface and was sustainably handmade in Germany. Protected by international patents.

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  •  Walkolution USA
  •  Walkolution USA

    Space-Saving Treadmill Desks

    With easy-to-lock wheels, you can take your Walkolution Treadmill Desk with you wherever you need to get some movement in. Its compact dimensions make it a breeze to slip through any door and fit into even the smallest of spaces.

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    A Treadmill Desk for Home and Office

    With its near-silent operation, the Walkolution Treadmill is designed to fit into any environment without interrupting yourself or those around you. Its motorless functioning and exceptionally smooth running further makes it an ideal choice.

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    Walkolution Ära - Treadmill with a Standing Desk

    The Ära series stands out with its iconic and daring design, while also boasting the most stable standing desk available in the market.

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    Build Your Own Treadmill Desk

    Construct your own ergonomic workplace setup, combining a height adjustable sit-to-stand desk with a Walkolution under desk treadmill for the perfect DIY walking desk.

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 Walkolution USA

Find Strength in Silence

Experience the subtlety of motion and unlock more creative moments with a Walkolution Treadmill Desk - no motor needed, so there's no electromagnetic radiation or distracting noise as with a traditional treadmill.

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A Treadmill Without A Motor

Experience the Finest of German Engineering with Walkolution - Unpowered Standing Desk Treadmill, No Power Consumption and Virtually No Noise for Undisturbed Walking

 Walkolution USA
 Walkolution USA
 Walkolution USA
 Walkolution USA

Does Your Company Already Use Standing Desks?

Give your staff and colleagues a boost by incorporating Walkolution Treadmill Desks into your workspace. Suitable for businesses of any size, these desks provide the perfect answer to the modern workplace that is designed for both health and efficiency.

Walkolution for Companies


Why is a treadmill desk a more beneficial solution than a standing desk? Are treadmill desk worth it?

An abundance of research indicates that long-term standing can be harmful in terms of health and wellbeing, while providing little additional calorie burn when compared to sitting. Standing for extended periods can cause pain and fatigue, worsen varicose veins or circulatory problems and lead to back pain. Additionally, research shows that the caloric expenditure gained from standing all day is equivalent to eating 1 or 2 apples - not enough of an overall impact on the body. The effect of switching between sitting and standing also has no positive outcome as it just alternates between two postures which are negative for your body. To learn more click here.

Is it possible to lose weight with a treadmill desk?

According to the American Council on Exercise, an 80-pound person can easily burn up to 1000 calories during a typical 6-8 hour workday if they walk at a brisk pace. That's approximately equivalent to the calories in an entire meal! Moreover, Walkolution treadmills are motorless and require the user to put in more effort, which results in even higher calorie burn compared to traditional motorized treadmills. For more information about this topic, click here.

Why is sitting so dangerous?

Our species have evolved over millions of years to be in constant motion. However, with drastic changes to our world in the last 200 years, physical exertion has become a leisure activity rather than a necessity. Those who sit for 8 or more hours per day due to work increase their risk of various diseases such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes and back pain. Additionally, people with sedentary lifestyles tend to have decreased cognitive functioning and are more likely to suffer from depression or dementia. For further information on this topic, please read our knowledge section.

What are the benefits of using a manual, non-electric Walkolution treadmill compared to a traditional motorized treadmill?

What are the benefits of using a manual, non-electric Walkolution treadmill compared to a traditional motorized treadmill, like a tread desk or amazon treadmill desks?

Less noise: The manual Walkolution operates nearly noiselessly and allows for quiet use in any setting. On the other hand, electric treadmills make two kinds of noises - from the belt sliding against the surface and from its own motor.

Natural walking: With the manual Walkolution, you can intuitively adjust your speed as you please without fatigue or distraction. Electric treadmills force you to maintain a constant preset speed which may lead to exhaustion.

No follow-up costs: The Walkolution treadmill does not require an electric motor, thus eliminating any additional costs such as electricity bills that come with using an electric treadmill daily.

No maintenance: The components used in a manual Walkolution are designed to provide decades of use without needing frequent maintenance like oiling or adjusting belts. Normal electric treadmills can overheat or sustain damage when used frequently and at high speeds.

For more information about these two types of treadmills, please refer to this video.

What is the maximum number of hours per day you should spend sitting?

Many scientific studies suggest that you should strive for a ratio of 75% movement and 25% sitting throughout the day. This means that you should actively limit the amount of time you spend sitting to no more than 3-4 hours per day, including meals and leisure activities.

Is it hard to type on a treadmill desk?

Typing on a treadmill desk is not difficult since the upper body remains relaxed while walking and the pace of walking is typically slow. With a Walkolution treadmill, you can customize and adjust the speed as needed, unlike electric treadmills with motors. It usually takes a couple of minutes to adapt and become comfortable with typing on the treadmill desk. We've seen authors who have written entire books while walking. Studies even prove that one can type accurately while walking; experiments have been conducted and documented [here](example link).

We have compiled further studies that examine various aspects of office work on treadmill desks on this overview page.

Is it possible to concentrate while walking?

Increasing mental performance was one of the primary motivations behind Walkolution. The brain is one of the organs that benefits most from light physical activity. Numerous studies exist to demonstrate this point; they show that walking can actually improve concentration and attention when compared to sitting or standing. Put simply, walking allows you to focus and breathe without having to multi-task.

Does the Walkolution treadmill make noise?

The Walkolution Treadmill desk is incredibly quiet, with average running noise of less than 34db. Its unique German engineering eliminates the need for a motor, allowing it to be used without disturbing people in libraries and open-plan offices. This makes it possible to use the treadmill while working without causing any disruption.

See here for a live test with decibel measurement.

Is regular maintenance necessary?

No regular maintenance is needed for the Walkolution Treadmill Desk. Its moving parts, like industrial-grade ball bearings, are made with the highest degree of precision, eliminating any need for maintenance. Whereas typical treadmills may be subject to load limits and require regular maintenance to avoid or repair motor or belt damage, Walkolution products are built to last a lifetime and can withstand daily and intensive use.

How long is the manufacturer's warranty?

Our mission is to build the best treadmill workstation desk in the world that you can enjoy day in and out. All Walkolution products come with a our signature Lifetime Warranty.

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