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  • Leading companies count on Walkolution

    Numerous businesses globally are leveraging Walkolution solutions to boost team health and productivity, as well as create an optimal work environment.

  •  Walkolution USA

    Walkolution Workplace Solutions Flyer

    Want a short and concise PDF to share Walkolution with your coworkers?

  • Walking Meeting

    Motivate your staff and take your meetings on the move. Walk the talk!

  • Active Coworking

    Transform your shared workspace or open-plan office with Walkolution and provide a revolutionary flexi-work experience.

  • Bookable flex desk

    Walkolution treadmills are easy to move around - and they can fit through doorways and into elevators, making them perfect for flexible work setups.

  •  Walkolution USA

    Corporate Fitness

    Take advantage of the Walkolution treadmills in your fitness and physio area, or even in your own practice.

  •  Walkolution USA

    For employees in the home office

    Show your employees you care by investing in a healthy working environment, even for the home office.

  •  Walkolution USA

    Café & Lounge

    Why not take a walk while having a café? Walkolution is very popular in waiting areas, lounges, cafés and many other places.

 Walkolution USA

Walkolution Individual

Let your ideas come alive by creating a space that optimally supports you with Walkolution.

Leaders and policymakers all over the world rely on the superior quality of Walkolution.

As a manufacturer, we also provide customized models with special specifications. You have free choice in colors, materials, and technology integration.

If you are interested, our team of product designers, engineers, and interior specialists are ready to configure your unique version of Walkolution – please contact us!

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