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    Businesses worldwide are embracing Walkolution solutions to enhance team health and productivity while cultivating an ideal work environment.

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    Walkolution Workplace Solutions Flyer

    Want a short and concise PDF to share Walkolution with your coworkers?

  • Walking Meeting

    Energize your team and make your meetings mobile. Walk the talk!

  • Active Coworking

    Revolutionize your shared workspace or open-plan office with Walkolution, offering a groundbreaking flexi-work experience.

  • Reservable Flex Desk

    Walkolution treadmills are designed for mobility, easily fitting through doorways and into elevators, ideal for versatile work environments.

  •  Walkolution USA

    Corporate Fitness

    Utilize Walkolution treadmills in your fitness and physiotherapy spaces, or even within your own practice.

  •  Walkolution USA

    For Employees in the Home Office

    Demonstrate your commitment to employee well-being by investing in a healthy work environment, including for home offices.

  •  Walkolution USA

    Café & Lounge

    Why not enjoy a walk while having a coffee? Walkolution is highly popular in waiting areas, lounges, cafés, and various other settings.

 Walkolution USA

Walkolution Individual

Bring your ideas to life with a space that fully supports you, thanks to Walkolution.

Leaders and decision-makers worldwide trust in Walkolution's unparalleled quality.

As manufacturers, we offer customized models tailored to your specific needs, giving you complete freedom in choosing colors, materials, and technology integration. If interested, our dedicated team of product designers, engineers, and interior specialists are at your service to craft your bespoke Walkolution version. Please, don't hesitate to reach out to us!