Crafting Dreams into Reality

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Meticulous attention to detail

We provide our clients with solutions tailored to their needs. Whether you are a business or an individual, we provide trusted solutions specifically engineered to meet your needs. From concept to implementation, our team of experts will ensure that every detail is perfect.

Create a made-to measure workspace

Step into the world of our made to measure solutions and you embark on a journey that promises boundless possibility. Skilled artisans, experienced technicians and an array of top-notch tools come together to craft works of art that bring your dream creations to life. It is here, in this bespoke workshop, that creativity and expertise meet with rare techniques to create truly extraordinary results.

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Unleash the boundless potential of your imagination

Discover a world of boundless wonder and endless possibilities with Walkolution's custom-crafted treasures. Defying convention, our creations prioritize functionality while embracing the magic of imagination. Experience the captivating allure of a fleeting dream, the bliss of an unforgettable adventure, and the lifelong bond with a cherished companion. Embrace innovation and luxury virtually in every step.

Custom Design and Materials

Walkolution offers bespoke, tailor-made treadmill desks and office furniture to help you create the perfect working environment. Our products can be custom designed and manufactured to your exact specifications. Choose from a variety of materials and colors, and shapes desk to fit a certain area of your office or home.

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Custom materials

Our extensive range of leathers, fabrics, exquisite woods and patterns gives you a wide selection of combinations to create something truly unique. And if you need help making the best choices, we are here to help - bringing together the perfect elements for a look that is uniquely yours.

 Walkolution USA

Entire custom solutions

With Bespoke by Walkolution, you have the opportunity to create entirely unique and ergonomic furniture pieces tailored to your exact tastes and needs. Our master carpenters are ready to work with you on realizing your vision; they will help guide you while you design something beautiful that complements your existing furniture — or dream up something completely new.

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    Tailor the aesthetics of your treadmill desk to seamlessly align with both your personal flair and the ambiance of your space. Select from our five distinguished color variants for an unparalleled touch of elegance.

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