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  • Company

    Walkolution GmbH founded in 2017 by Dr. Eric Söhngen and Frank Ackermann

    Headquartered in Wiesebronn, Bavaria, South Germany

    Walkolution is today a leading and globally active manufacturer of manual treadmill desks

    Walkolution has built an own eco-certified high-tech production facility

    All products are 100% produced in Germany

  • Products and Markets

    Walkolution produces three different treadmill desk types.

    Walkolution treadmills are available with different desk and surface options.

    Walkolution also manufactures a soft surface manual treadmill (Walkolution Kybun series).

    Walkolution products are internationally recognized and awarded with the iFDesign Award, the German Design Award and many other prizes.

    Walkolution products are sold in more than 55 countries.

    Customers use Walkolution products in corporate offices, home offices, co-working spaces, rehab centers, fitness facilities, schools and libraries.

  • Our story

    Sitting is the new smoking. Science clearly shows that sitting not only has the well-known consequences of back pain and weight gain, but also dramatically increases the risk of serious diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and depression.

    Founder and Senior Medical Doctor Eric Soehngen built the world's first treadmill desk prototype while a medical student in 2005. In 2017, he founded Walkolution GmbH together with Frank Ackermann.

  •  Walkolution USA

    Eric Soehngen, M.D., Ph.D.
    Founder and CEO Walkolution

  • As a senior medical doctor in internal medicine, Walkolution founder Eric Soehngen has dealt intensively with the health consequences of chronic lack of movement.

    As a medical student, he built the first prototype of today's Walkolution treadmill and is considered the founder of the treadmill desk principle.

    In the interview, Dr. Soehngen can speak extensively on health and new work topics.

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  •  Walkolution USA

    In his book "Death by Sitting. Why We Need A Movement Revolution," Walkolution founder Söhngen clearly explains the specific health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

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  •  Walkolution USA

    Product Photos

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  • Short version

    Sitting is the new smoking. Yet, most people sit 12 hours per day. Not any longer! Germany based Walkolution produces the first non-motorized walking treadmill with an integrated ergonomic desk and standing aid.

  • Long version

    Everybody knows, sitting for hours in front of a computer poses many long term health risks and standing desks come along with their own range of problems. Germany based Walkolution now offers a new clever solution. Powered just by the user’s own weight and muscle, the quiet treadmill makes movement almost effortless as long working hours contribute instead of stand in the way. The Walkolution treadmill can simply be placed under a height-adjustable workstation as well as be used with its integrated or free-standing desk.

Product overview

The Classic Edition of Walkolution is used by thousands of customers in more than 55 countries. Multi-award winning design. Handmade in Germany. The only noiseless treadmill on the market.

The Exclusive Walkolution® Kybun Series

The exclusive Kybun Series by Walkolution features a soft walking surface. A unique innovation developed in cooperation with Kybun of Switzerland. It provides the sensation of walking on a soft forest floor.

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